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Complete Mooring Solution

Mooreast’s complete mooring system is normally made up of a mooring buoy, connectors, mooring ropes, clump weight, chains and the high holding capacity embedment anchor. The purpose of a mooring system is to keep a vessel or floating platform on station in different water depths. Depending on the applications and the operational conditions, the configuration of the mooring system can vary. The most common configuration is the catenary mooring system which consists of several mooring lines according to the number of mooring points proposed. These mooring lines can be synthetic fibre rope, steel wire and chain or a combination of the three which are connected to the anchor on one side and the vessel on the other.

The catenary mooring system is a popular choice as it allows a certain degree of free movement as the loading on the mooring can result in parts of the mooring line move vertically and/or horizontally with respect to the seabed. This improves the durability of the system. This system can be used for shallow to deep waters (< 1500m). The mooring system can be deployed either for permanent usage on FPSO, FSU, SPMs or temporary usage on mobile drilling units (MODUs).
There are several considerations with regards to the design of the mooring system. Primary considerations include the seabed conditions, intensity of wind and current and the dimensions of vessel to be moored. These data and information will be collected and analysed, suggesting the type of mooring line, connector, anchor and other mooring component to be used in the system. There is also a need to nominate a Classification Society to study and endorse the feasibility of the mooring system.

Purchasing the entire mooring system can be capital intensive for some customers especially if they are using it for marginal oilfields which require a short period of deployment. Therefore, Mooreast not only designs, manufactures and supplies the entire mooring system; we also provide rental packages of the mooring system to help our customers save cost and time.