We are the Mooring Specialist

Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering expertise has contributed greatly to the success of Mooreast since our establishment. We have always been in close interaction with our customers especially with their technical engineers. We are able to understand their technical challenges in mooring and also participate in their technical discussion.

As a result, we have built up a well of knowledge and experience from them with regards to the necessary soil and metocean information. We are able to analyse, develop and recommend optimal anchor size by forecasting the drag penetration for specific soil condition. Furthermore, we are able to propose customized designs of the mooring system to suit the sea condition where our customers’ vessels are operating. Therefore, some of our customers view us as mooring specialist and total mooring solution provider.

Our engineers are graduated from reputable universities overseas with at least 5 years’ engineering experience from working on major projects in their previous companies. They are trained in the respective engineering fields, ranging from civil, geotechnical and mechanical engineering to electrical engineering. They are well-versed with engineering design software like AutoCad and also able to conduct other analysis such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to determine stiffness and structural strength at the critical areas or load bearing joints.

Mooreast conducts in-house Research and Development activities. We have heavily invested in various engineering software, load test equipment and a simulation facility. One example is the in-house test bed for anchor load test which can go up to 1000 tons. We have also built a 9m long and 2.1m tall sand tank with pulley block, containing over 40 tons of sand. The sand tank is used to simulate and test our new design anchors as to determine their optimal holding capacity and geometry.

Based on our design and engineering capabilities, Mooreast has developed several customized products such as our MA5P & MA5S Anchors, Wire Clamp, Chain Stopper and Mooring Buoy with Quick Release Hook to meet our customer’s requirements.

We are able to provide Front End Engineering Design (FEED) as well as detailed engineering design of many Mooring Systems for FPSO, FSO (Spread-moored & Turret), Semi-submersibles, Floating Systems (eg. CALM Buoy System), FLNG and Tankers.

This also includes mooring analysis and soil data interpretation to help size the anchors for our customers. We help our customers to draft the necessary documentation according to project specifications and develop engineering procedures for offshore installations.

If there is a need, we can provide engineering personnel to aid in your offshore installation operations.


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